Decision Making Confidence

Groundbreaking materials and programs empowering students, employers, and individuals to take more control of Better outcomes at home, in the workplace, and in the community.

Why This Personal Skill Is Important

The stronger the skill to make Better decisions, the increased likelihood of Better outcomes and performance as a person, a teammate, a professional, a citizen. 

Get Better in K-12

Content and skill programs catering to confusing decisions about social, emotional, and young learner demands in preparation for life, work, higher ed in unique ways.

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Get Better in Higher Ed

Content and skill programs catering to complex decisions facing student life,  new life experiences, and work preparation for adult learners in unique and accelerated ways.

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Get Better as Employers

Content and skill programs catering to professional decision skills facing the workforce including ethics, integrity, leadership, teamwork in industry-specific ways.

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Get Better Personally

Enjoy the benefits of publications and online skill programs that cater to the individual learner.  Basic and advanced content for personal, life, and doft skill development.

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Better decisions mean a better life, better job, better community.  This is a skill that must be developed to help the learner find their passion, motivation, and inspriation about what’s Better in a self-respecting way.  Without this skill, the journey ahead is mostly done out of control.

Brian Searcy

Main Street Pilot CEO

Decision Making Skill Levels Evidenced In Behavior

We help to effectively close gaps between unpredictable behavior and good behavior with our groundbreaking skill development content and programs.


Teens deciding that violence is a viable option for conflict resolution.

Natl. Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center


People who consistently decide that they cannot trust others.

Associated Press-GfK Poll


People who consistently decide to talk about others who have left the room.

American Journal Of Sociology


Managers underperforming with low soft skill competence and decision consistency.

Institute For Executive Development

Decision Making Transformation

Modern decision making skill cannot be taught only in traditional ways with the expectation of success. The audience has changed, the learning styles have changed, and the conversation about Better decisions will keep changing.  Innovation is needed to satisfy the modern audience. 

Finding Common Ground

Conflict Resolution



Interpersonal Communications

Problem Solving

Main Street Pilot Content & Skill Program Innovations

Micro Learning

  • Simplified, progressive content
  • Easy to consume, fits anywhere
  • Caters to new audience styles
  • Promotes success early and often

Languge Tools

  • Highest opportunity for impact
  • Key influencer to thinking 
  • Easy to structure and deliver
  • Literal translation effectiveness

Content Agility

  • Foundational thinking adaptability
  • Move with any audience topic preference
  • Top of mind learning topics
  • Focus or accelerate topic speed

We want to start as early as third graders with this flexible audience program.

School Resource Officer

We love the individual impact opportunity of the Compass of Right.

Higher Education Leader

This is the program we want for our kids. The other materials are not getting through.

Civic Leader