Revolutionizing personal skills development content and programs to empower better outcomes for everyone.

Accelerating critical skills for any learning audience by developing the individual’s Compass of Right™

Behavior is a simple indicator of personal skill competence.

Our innovative content and programs can help in new ways if there is a need to improve or positively impact the behavioral skills of those who learn from you or your organization.

Personal Skill Competence & Current Behavior Trends

Skill competence necessary to communicate, think critically, find common ground, resolve conflicts peacefully and fairly, etc., can be graded by the outcomes of our personal and professional interactions. There is an overall and even critical level of need for better personal skills today.


Teens Lacking Personal Skills To Peacefully Resolve Conflict

Natl. Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center


People Who Do Not Trust Other People

Associated Press-GfK Poll


People Who Are Talked About Once Leaving A Room

American Journal Of Sociology


Managers Performing Poorly Because Of Personal Skills

Institute For Executive Development

Right vs. Wrong

The Most Valuable of All Personal Skills

Main Street Pilot is pioneering a modern method of elevating everyone’s ability to know the difference between right and wrong into a viable, competitive personal skill. Get this one correct and dozens of other personal skills are easier to develop, accelerate, and master with confidence..

Language & Behavior Impact

There is plenty of research that proves the impact of language choices on thinking and then on behavior.  We decided if we wanted to change thinking and increase positive behavior we were going to have to change the language of personal skills development beginning with right and wrong.

The result of our research is skills development language tools that behaviorally impact learning enthusiasm, elevate the personal value of these skills, and accelerate competence via classes and programs proving to help individuals, employers, and communities more effectively take control of better outcomes.

Our New Skill Development Languages

The Compass of Right™


A revolutionary, simple ‘language tool’ approach to personal skill development. Each of us has a directional sense of what is honorably ‘Right’ personally starting with self-respect. 

Honorably Better™


Compass of Right™ content builds a valuable, sustainable, foundational point of self-respecting reference to solve for better outcomes honorably both individually and collectively.

Inspired Right™


Compass of Right™ personal skill language literacy and fluency empowers opportunities ahead where objectives, goals, and destinations are inspired by what’s right.

Our Skill Acceleration Program Audiences

Four Your Kids™

K-12 Audiences

This audience segment adapts Compass of Right™ content and language to the aptitude of each grade via easy to customize courses. New language tools will impact positive thinking development and personal behavior.

Each course has a minimum of four foundational skill application targets including Your Future, Your Compass, Your Rules, Your Life – making personal skill development highly personal and all about the student’s interests and abilities. Reach us for your pricing

One of our popular courses:

4 Ys 4 U.

Four Your Advantage™

Higher Education Audiences

College audiences receive and consume different Compass of Right™ content and language than K-12 skill learners and educators. New language tools will impact positive and critical thinking confidence and personal behavior. 

Each higher-ed course includes four foundational skill application targets with audience specific content. Learners will find an increased focus on meeting life-situational complexities and future employment competitive personal skill expectations. Reach us for your pricing

One of our popular courses:

4 Ys 4 Real.

Four Your Profession™

Workplace Audiences

These learning audiences include workers, managers, and executives. Unique content and courses based on the Compass of Right™ are specific to professional skills and language tailored by industry.

Each course mirrors four foundational skill application targets with additional core elements such as professional ethics, role reliability and responsibility, self-leadership, group leadership, and competitive soft skills. Reach us for your pricing

One of our popular courses:

4 Ys 4 Work.

Compass of Right™ Language Skill Opportunities


Evidence Based

You are best at deciding on the effectiveness of your personal skill development.  Get evidence that Right has plenty in it for you by taking advantage of online development resources tailored to your stage in life and your personal skill objectives. Learn the value of becoming selfish about outcomes that are honorably better for you. Accelerate what’s right for you and protect your self-respect.  Solving for Better University is coming in November 2017 – stay tuned.


Mission Capable

Let us adapt our content to your specific worker or team development strategies. Compliment your current programs including leadership development and ethics and/or take advantage of unique, agile content and programs initiating Better Person Better Professional as the foundational standard for your organization. Content, classes, and courses adaptable to any media option or learning management system. Learn more about our workplace program architecture.


Standards Worthy

Bring new levels of personal skills to your staff and learning audiences with our highly interactive content and agile programs.  Truly improve the communiction and common-grund language skills of staff and set the stage for your learners to go into life better prepared to realize what is honorably better for them. Any media need supported with very limited impact on curricula or teaching resources. Learn more about our K-12 and Higher Education program architecture.

Personal Skill Programs Need To Get To The Person

We want to start as early as third graders with this flexible audience program.

School Resource Officer

We love the individual impact opportunity of the Compass of Right.

Higher Education Leader

This is the program we want for our kids. The other materials are not getting through.

Civic Leader

Studying Versus Learning


Obvious Effectiveness

Over $200 billion a year in the USA is committed to personal skill, life skill, and soft skill competence. These skills make or break better outcomes. Much is studied and taught about these skills. Not as much is learned and put to obvious or sustainable use. The Compass of Right™ uniquely accelerates the learning audience’s interest in applying what is taught because Right is all about them. In fact, this personal skill can now be put to work with confidence and competence from day one.