Preventing Shortages Of Well-Developed Personal Soft Skills

It is the responsibility of every generation to teach self-respecting and honorable personal soft skills to the next generation.

Main Street Pilot maintains that tradition with original educational and training content and programs for the unique and challenging needs of today’s soft skill teaching and learning audiences.


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Our Vision

Our vision is to simply and clearly empower individuals and groups to enthusiastically pursue better outcomes in self-respecting and honorable ways through well-developed personal soft skills.  Educational and training content must keep pace with the changes and differences between how generations and cultures think, choose, decide, and act for themselves, and with others, if the best possible life and a healthy community are to be a sustainable reality.

Personal Soft Skill Fundamentals

The Key To Personal & Professional Success

Well-developed personal soft skills are linked to 85% of success. Harvard, the Carnegie Institute, and Stanford Research say so.  15% of success is attributed to testable hard skills such as math, language, science, or technical skills and gets the majority of spending attention. It is time to invest more purposely in the development of the most important skills – personal soft skills.

Growing Demand For These Skills

High school and college graduate levels of personal soft skill competence are falling short of the basic working expectations of 80% of employers in the United States today. Korn Ferry International and the Hay Group say so.  Jobs are available that are not filled because of this growing personal skill shortage. Graduates are at a competitive disadvantage without these skills.  Main Street Pilot can accelerate closing this skills gap.

"The soft skills needed to excel in today's workplace are the hardest to teach and, increasingly, the hardest to find."

According to the Society for Human Resource Management this phenomenon is perplexing educators, employers, managers, and executives. Main Street Pilot is the one company capable of making the teaching and learning of personal soft skills simple and immediately useful.